World's easiest way to pay with mobile phone

No credit card. No cash. No problem.

Convenient real-time payments by using just your mobile phone and SIM card

With the Siru Mobile payment solution, any mobile phone or tablet becomes a payment tool.

Improved Wallet is now in Beta testing.

Make the purchase with a single click with our wallet payment solution, without the hassle writing your credit card information or setting up applications.

See how it works

Siru Mobile payment method is simple and quick. It works in-browser,
so there is no need for application.


In checkout, choose Siru
Mobile as the payment method.


Accept the terms and
hit “Confirm Payment”.


Payment is done and you are
redirected back to merchant.


End user is charged on mobile phone bill

The end user will be charged in the next phone bill. The service works at the moment with the major operators in the Nordics. More countries will be open in the future.

It's Secured

Confidential information passes between the carrier and Siru. Users are required to make an additional authentication for maximized security.

And Risk Free

The risk management system is continuously being improved and allows all the unwanted behavior as well as possible credit losses to be blocked.


More sales after mobile payments were enabled.

In the case of mobile payments were the first payment method to drive up conversion on mobile devices.