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With Siru Mobile, any mobile phone becomes a payment tool. And anyone with a mobile phone can become your customer!

We make mobile payments

We provide the fastest and easiest to use mobile payment system available. Getting started is easy!



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What is mobile payment?

Instead of using cash or credit cards to make payments, why not use something you carry around all the time, your phone! Mobile payments are becoming more popular all around the world, because they are a safe, easy and fast to use. And best of all, anyone with a phone can use them!

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Your phone number is unique

Like your credit card number or personal ID number, you phone number is unique.
This means that you can identify yourself or your customers with it.
Not only does it provide you with a secure means of payment but
also a great way to get to know your customers!

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Worlds fastest mobile payment system

Just one click and it is done. You can make purchases on your computer, tablet or directly on your mobile phone without any apps or registrations. And it is not only fast, but also extremely secure!

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Siru Mobile in brief

Siru Mobile is a start up company based in Finland, but active across the globe. We are highly innovative and work to make the most of your mobile phone. Our main focus is on mobile payments, but also want to help you e.g. to identify your customer or streamline the customer experience. The bottom line is that if you have any concern about your mobile strategy, we most likely have something that can help you out!

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