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About Us

We’re an innovative start-up from Finland, providing mobile services.

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Mobile Gateway

With the Siru Mobile payment gateway, any mobile phone or tablet becomes a payment tool.

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Mobile Wallet

Connect your business easily to the mobile payment system using our wallet.

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Know Your Customer

Get to know your customer with the information found behind the phone number.

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Top 3 questions:

You can keep yourself updated on your real time balance limit with the MySiru service. It’s found at www.sirumobile.com/my-siru.

Please contact us on support@sirumobile.com if you want to block this service. We cannot lower the balance limit, we can only block or unblock your number from the service. The minimum time for inhibition is 3 months but we are able to block your number for a longer period of time if you wish. We are also able to block your number permanently in which case we cannot open it again.

Your number is probably blocked by the operator or by Siru Mobile. Siru Mobile does not allow number switching, and this may lead to the system automatically blocking your numbers. Please contact our customer service support@sirumobile.com if you need further info.

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