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The future of mobile payments


The future of mobile payments

The future of mobile payments

Mobile Payment Solution

The number of mobile device users is constantly growing and therefore giving new users the opportunity to pay with their phones.


See The Opportunity


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See the Opportunity

When your customer has a regular mobile phone, you will reach millions of happy potential paying customers with having an instant and secure payment method. 

Where can I use it?


Where can I use it?

Here are some examples of where you can use it!

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    Buy online products

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    Buy music online

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    Charge digital wallet

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    Play online games

How it works

  • Phone

    How it works

    Siru Mobile allows you to monetize your solutions in a few simple steps.


    1. Insert your phone number
    2. Make a call
    3. You're done
  • Tablet

    How it works

    Siru Mobile allows you to monetize your solutions in a few simple steps.


    1. Insert your phone number
    2. You're done

How it works boxes


How it works boxes

Test Live Demo


Test Live demo 1


Test Live Demo

Do you want to see how our system works? Just click here!


Siru Features

  • All devices

    It works on your device

    Siru Mobile works on all devices, you don't even have to own a smartphone!

  • Coverage

    Wide coverage with one solution

    Our services can be used in markets all over the world.

  • Dashboard

    Siru Dashboard

    We provide all our customers with a dashboard where all the transactions can be viewed.

  • My Siru

    My Siru

    The My Siru-service allows users to check their balance fast and easily. Simply go to the service,

    choose your country, call the number and voilà, the balance appears on the screen! Continue reading...

Security etc

  • Optimized for mobiles

    Optimized for mobile browsers

    You don't have to use Siru Mobile with your desktop computer, because the user interface is also optimized for mobile devices!


  • Security

    Secure to use!

    Our powerful scam and fraud detection makes sure that you can sleep at night with ease.

    • Your money is 100% secure.
  • Parental protection

    Safe for parents, too.

    With parental control you can manage how your children use our services.

  • Chargeback prevention

    Chargeback prevention

    Automated management of transactions prevents effectively risks and transfers the money safely to your account.

    • 100% payout guarantee.

Wanto to know more?

Want to know more about Siru Mobile?

Do you want know what we can do for your business or looking for ways to benefit from mobile payments?

Let us know about yourself and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hours (on working days, of course).
And don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do - we won’t spam you.

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