Wanna work with Siru
and revolutionary mobile payments?

Our culture

Siru Mobile is an innovative tech startup with an international company structure founded in 2011. It all started as a result of a simple observation: the mobile landscape is evolving rapidly and the attitudes towards a mobile lifestyle are changing. We wanted to fill this new gap in the market, and enable mobile payment alternatives for our customers. From this observation we created the vision for the cloud based payment experience and the development of Siru Mobile’s platform to support it.

Perks working at Siru Mobile

A happy worker is a good worker, loads of perks and bonuses.

We only work with the best tools available and you can choose your own.

At Siru you don’t have to sit in an office, you can work wherever you want.


We love travelling and doing it together creates a better workplace.

Even though we work remotely, we try to do fun stuff together as often as possible.

A Siru employee can reward coworkers and partners when someone has done something good.