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General Questions

Siru Mobile is a technical service provider of mobile payments. By using Siru Mobile’s services, customers can easily purchase products and services with their mobile phones.

No, you don’t have to register. Before using the service, we may ask you to verify your phone number with an SMS-code or identify yourself.

No, you don’t need a credit card. To use the service, you need a mobile phone and a subscription that supports charge to mobile services.

Your social security number is the unique number that the government assigns you for identification purposes. E.g. in the UK the social security number goes with the name national insurance number. As Siru Mobile works internationally, the terminology can be a bit confusing, sorry for that!

Siru Mobile currently works in Finland, Sweden and the UK, and we’re expanding to new countries. Please note that the service only works with local subscriptions.

With the help of MySiru you can easily keep track of your Siru Mobile limit, see your transaction history and block the service if necessary.

You can login to MySiru  here

Siru Wallet is a safe and easy way to use mobile payments through an e-wallet. It’s free and works on all computers and smartphone devices. Money can be deposited by calling our premium rate number and used at all websites that support Siru Mobile as a payment method. Please note that Siru Wallet mainly works in the Nordics.

Siru Wallet works as follows:

  1. Choose Siru Mobile as a payment method on the merchant’s website.
  2. Determine the amount you wish to transfer from your Siru Wallet to the website. Please note that all merchants have a minimum deposit and transfers below this amount aren’t possible.
  3. Login to your Siru Wallet.
  4. If you have enough funds available in your Siru Wallet for the chosen amount, confirm the transfer. Otherwise start by topping up your Siru Wallet balance and confirm once you have enough funds.
  5. The transfer is completed!

You can use the funds in your wallet on sites that support the Siru Mobile payment method. It is not possible to withdraw money from the wallet or transfer it to your own bank account or another wallet. If you have any questions about the funds in your wallet, please contact us!

You can reach us through our chatbot, by sending us an email to or by filling in the contact form. You can also leave us a call back request during office hours, and we’ll get back to you: +46 8 121 21 205 (Sweden, Norway, the UK) and +358 9 7479 0630 (Finland).

We aim to respond within 24 hours, during weekends and holidays, however, the response time might be a bit longer. If there are any technical issues with our service, please check our Twitter feed for the latest information.

Transactions and limits




FINLAND NEW USER 24H LIMIT: 70 EUR, 30-DAY LIMIT: 150 EUR (applies first 90 days)

Siru Mobile’s limit for deposit is calculated from the current date 30 days backwards and it’s based on the price of the deposit. In the UK network providers calculate the limit calendar monthly. The limit may vary depending on service, country or phone number. Siru Mobile is not responsible for changes in the available limit.

When the limit is full, balance will be released at the same pace it was used. If you e.g. made a deposit today, the balance for that deposit becomes available again in 30 days. You can check your real-time balance with the help of MySiru, which you find here

Please note that subscription specific limits may restrict usage in addition to Siru Mobile’s limit. In the UK the most common subscription specific limit is 240 GBP per month, however, the limit may vary depending on the operator, and also daily limits may apply.

We can’t increase the spending limit, but if you want a lower limit than usual, this can be arranged through our customer service. You’ll reach us by email at

You can block your number from using Siru Mobile anytime through MySiru, by going to the address:

You can choose between a time-bound, temporary and a permanent block. The time-bound block can be set for 3, 6 or 12 months.

If you wish to unblock your number, please contact customer service. Kindly note, that unblocking is possible at earliest 3 months after the block was started and that it’s not possible to open a permanent block.

It’s not possible to cancel a successful order. After the order is processed the purchase is added to the customer’s mobile phone bill. However, if you have not received the product or service you ordered, or your order was not successfully processed, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service at

Purchases are generally speaking added to the phone bill for the ongoing billing period. There may, however, be differences depending on the network provider.

You can change your number at the website where you wish to deposit. Please contact the merchant’s customer service for further assistance. Take into consideration that Siru Mobile accepts 1-2 numbers per user. Frequently occurring number switching or the use of multiple numbers may lead to an automatic block.

Please make sure that the system requirements are met and that your subscription supports charge to mobile services. Your number may also be blocked from using the service either by the operator or Siru Mobile. Siru Mobile does not allow often occurring number switching, and this may lead to the system automatically blocking your numbers.

If you need further help, please contact us at

A deposit may fail for various reasons, such as:

  • Your Siru Mobile spending limit is full. You can check your available limit through MySiru.
  • You’ve reached a subscription specific spending limit. Please contact your network provider for more details.
  • You have insufficient funds on your prepaid subscription.
  • Charge to mobile services are not allowed for your subscription.
  • The system requirements are not met.
  • The session has timed out. Please start the payment process from the beginning by going back and choosing Siru Mobile as payment method.
  • Your number has been blocked either by the operator or Siru Mobile. Please note that number switching may lead to the system automatically blocking your numbers.

If you need further help, please contact us at

In order to use Siru Mobile you need a mobile device which is able to receive and send SMS, and a subscription that supports charge to mobile services. Your number should be visible, i.e. deposits may fail if your number is hidden or secret. Moreover, if the merchant’s website requires registration, the registered number should be the same number that you use for making deposits.

Please note that Siru Mobile does not work abroad.

In the UK the use of Siru Mobile is limited with Virgin Mobile and all operators that belong to its networks.

In Sweden Siru Mobile does not work with Comviq.

When you make a deposit using Siru Mobile the total price consists of the cost of the product/service, a transaction fee and a possible subscription specific service charge. Siru Mobile’s transaction fee depends on the service or product that is being purchased. The transaction fee is always clearly stated before making the purchase.


We may ask you to confirm your phone number with a verification code. The code is sent to you via SMS, so we can ensure that you are the correct user and therefore avoid misuse and fraud.

The verification code is valid only once. For this reason, you do not have to remember or save the code.

Please check that you entered your phone number correctly. The system sends you an SMS with the verification code to your mobile. The verification code is valid 24 hours. If you didn’t receive a verification code or the code doesn’t work, we recommend that you try again 24 hours after the first attempt, when the system will generate a new code. Due to security reasons we can’t send out the verification code manually. Changing your browser may also help solve the problem.

We send you an SMS the following day after using Siru Mobile for the first time, to remind you about the deposits and tell you about MySiru. If you received an SMS but cannot recognize the deposits, please contact us without delay at

Yes. All the information dealt with when processing payments is protected by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which is a standardized system for encryption. When making payments no personal information other than the mobile phone number is transferred. This also ensures that customers are safe from data trespass since no credit or debit card information is required. Our system automatically follows all mobile transactions and also limits usage of the service by setting a monthly deposit limit for each customer. Siru Mobile is not responsible for changes in the available limit.

When using Siru Mobile one has to have access to the mobile phone in order to complete the deposit. For this reason, it’s important to choose a subscription that fits the intended use and protect the phone from unauthorized use with the help of a PIN-code and a screen lock. Moreover, one should never share personal codes with anyone else.

In case your phone is lost or stolen, please contact your network provider without delay to close the subscription. The mobile phone can be used as a payment device, which means it’s on the owner’s responsibility to protect the phone accordingly.

If you suspect misuse with Siru Mobile, please contact us at

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