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  • Customer service


    Our customer support aims to reply to any questions or callback requests within 24 hours during weekdays. We are also replying to e-mails during the weekend and holidays, but the response time might be a bit longer. We want to resolve your issues as fast and efficiently as possible. If there are any technical issues with our service, please check our Twitter-feed for the latest information.


    Our support can be reached via phone, Finland/International +358 9 2316 3390 and Sweden/Norway +46 8 559 24 683, during office hours. Please leave us a request by calling to our number and we will call back to you. You can also be in contact by sending us an e-mail to


  • Do I need to register?


    No, you do not have to register. For first time users we will require to verify the phone number, this is done by an sms code that is sent to you.


    Norwegian users will need to register to the MySiru Wallet (only available in Norway).


  • Do I need a credit card?


    No, you do not need a credit card. Just a mobile phone subscription.


  • In which countries does it work?


    Siru Mobile payments currently works in Finland, Sweden, Norway and UK but we are expanding to new countries.


  • What is MySiru Wallet?


    MySiru wallet is a safe and easy way to use mobile payments. It’s free and works on all computers and smartphone devices. The wallet is controlled with a mobile phone. Money can be deposited by calling our premium rate number.


    Choose Siru Wallet as a payment method on the website where you want to deposit. The wallet will appear in a pop-up window, and instructions are given on how to upload money. The deposit can be used instantly, or saved for later, you decide!


    MySiru Wallet comes with several benefits for the user. It has a 24/7 scam & fraud surveillance, and the users information is protected against identity theft. You will be able to track your payments in real time and view your payment history. Each transaction gets an unique ID number, so it’s easier than before to keep track of the payments.


    Please notice that each website defines the minimum deposit. This means that if you don’t have enough funds in your wallet for the minimum deposit, you will not be able to use the funds at the website in question.


    Once you have registered a wallet and deposited money, you can use the MySiru Wallet payment method at the merchants website.


  • What is Siru Mobile?


    Siru Momile is a technical service provider of mobile payments. By using Siru Mobile's services, customers can easily purchase products and services with their mobile phones.



  • Limit my usage


    You are now able to block your number from our service anytime. This can be done on We are unfortunately unable to make any changes to the balancelimit but you're able to limit your usage by blocking your number. You can choose to block your number for 3, 6 or 12 months or indefinitely. If you wish to unblock our service later on please contact us on but please note that this can only be done to numbers that have been indefinitely blocked for at least 3 months.

    If you want to block our service permanently please be in contact with our suppport.

    It is not possible to unblock a permanent block.


  • MySiru balance information


    You can keep yourself updated on your real time balance limit with the MySiru service. It’s found at


  • The balance limit


    The balance is 300 GBP (4500 SEK, 6500 NOK, 300 EUR) per 30 days, which means that it is counted from the current date 30 days backwards. The balance is calculated on the price of the call. The balance limit may vary depending on service, country or phone number. Siru Mobile is not responsible for changes in the balance limit. The balance limit is always attached to a specific number.


    If the balance limit is full, the balance will be released minute by minute, which means that if there was a call made 30 days ago at 14.05 the balance also becomes available the same minute 30 days later. You can check your balance using our My Siru-service.


    There may be changes in the balance limit and the user is responsible for all the usage. Siru Mobile does not take responsibility, if the balance limit exceeded in some form.



  • iPhone iOS update


    If you are using an iPhone and have made the latest iOS update, please notice that it might have set your number to private when you are making calls. If the number is private or hidden you will not be able to make deposits through Siru Mobile. Please check the settings and change the number to visible in order to successfully use Siru Mobile.


  • Can I cancel my order?


    It is not possible to cancel an order if our order processing system has accepted the order. After the order is processed the purchase is added to the customer´s mobile phone bill. However, if you have not received the product or service you ordered or your order was not successfully processed do not hesitate to contact our customer service on


  • When I am charged?


    You are charged on the current billing period, the purchases will be added to your next phone regarding the period.


  • I want to change my number


    Please contact the website where you want to change the number. Take into consideration that Siru Mobiles policy regarding number switching is 1-2 numbers per user. If you use several numbers they may be blocked.


  • Unable to call Siru


    Your number is probably blocked by the operator or by Siru Mobile. Siru Mobile does not allow number switching, and this may lead to the system automatically blocking your numbers. Please contact our customer service if you need further info.


  • Failed calls


    A call can fail due to following reasons:


    Your balance limit if full. There is a balance limit of 300 euros/30 days in Siru Mobile´s payment system. In the beginning of each call the balance limit is checked automatically. In case there are processed orders for more than 300 euros per 30 days the current order is automatically cancelled. The balance limit is automatically released after 30 days and the service is available again as usual. You can check your balance using our My Siru-service.


    PrePaid numbers are not supported in Finland and Sweden.


    The session has timed out. Please start the payment process from the beginning by going back and choosing Siru Mobile as payment method.


    Your number is blocked from our service. It can be blocked by the operator or by your own request.


    If you need further help, please contact our customer service, so we can check the status of your number.


  • System requirements


    In order to use Siru Mobile you need a mobile phone able to receive SMS. You also need to have your number visible, i.e. you cannot use the service with a hidden or secret phone number. In addition, you must not have service numbers blocked in your subscription and if the merchants site requires registration, the registered number should be the same number that you use for making the deposit. Siru Mobile may not work with these operators:


    Sweden –  3s operator and all operators that belong to its network (Hallon)


    Norway –   Talkmore, Tele2 and all operators that belong to its network (OneCall, MyCall and Network Norge)


    UK – Virgin Mobile


  • Transaction fees


    Siru Mobile transaction fees depends on the service or product that is purchased.

    The transaction fee is always clearly stated before making the purchase, and also on

    the calling page.



  • Do I need to save my PIN code?


    The Siru Mobile system will ask you to insert the PIN-code only once, the first time you use the system. For this reason, you do not need to remember or save the code. However, the merchants may have additional security codes which, you may or may not need to remember. In these cases, please contact the merchant for additional information.


  • What is the PIN code?


    First time users will need to verify their phone number with a PIN code. The PIN-code is sent to you via SMS, so that we are able to ensure that you are the correct user and therefore can avoid misuse and fraud. The PIN-code should be inserted in the text-box on the calling page when making the first deposit.


  • I did not receive the PIN code


    Please check that you entered your phone number correctly. The system sends you an SMS with the verification code to your mobile. The verification code is valid 24 h. If you didn’t receive a verification code or the code doesn’t work, we recommend that you try again 24 hours after the first attempt. The system will generate a new code. Due to security reasons we can’t send out the verification code manually. Changing your browser may also work, e.g. if it doesn't work with Firefox or Chrome, try using Internet Explorer.


  • Is it safe to use Siru Mobile?


    Yes. All the information dealt with when processing payments is protected by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that is a standardized system for encryption. When making payments no personal information other than mobile phone number is transferred. This also ensures that customers are safe from data trespass since no credit or debit card information is required. Our system automatically follows all mobile transactions and also limits usage of the service by setting a monthly balance limit for each customer.


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