Mobile payments made easy.

Turn any mobile device into a payment tool and charge customers directly to their phone bills. This makes paying possible even when the customer has no card, cash or app available.

Easy and convenient.

When time is limited the customer can move from order to purchase in a flash.

Suitable for all.

Numerous payment methods, but nothing seems to work for your customers? Mobile payments work for everyone.

Option to pay later.

Do your customers want to enjoy the comfort and safety of paying later? With Siru Mobile they can.

It’s fast and it fits many.

With Siru Mobiles payment solution a new customer can move through check-out in 30 seconds, never having to key in payment details or go through extra steps. All that’s needed is a mobile device – something nearly everyone has.

Our smart features

100% risk free

Siru Mobile carries the risk for credit losses.

Easy access to new markets

Expand to new markets easily after integrating mobile payments in one country.

Automatic settlements

Regular settlements according to chosen cycle.

Easy integration

Integrate directly or utilize a ready network of partners.


Supports subscription-based billing, charging the customer on a recurring basis.

PSD2 compliant

Complies to the second EU Payment Services Directive.

Strong user authentication

Option to integrate strong authentication to the payment flow.

Compatible with all devices

Optimized user experience for mobile and desktop.

Merchant portal

24/7 access to reports and transaction details.

Safe and responsible

Built-in risk management and user limitations.

Currency conversion

Accept payments in your currency, let customers pay in their own.

Micro payments

Ideal for high-volume micro payments.


Making a payment


Making a payment


Integration to Siru Mobile API

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Integration to Siru Mobile API

Option 1: Direct integration

Your business

Siru API

Siru payment method

Option 2: Integration through PSP

Your business


Siru API

Integration through PSP

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