Siru eKYC™

Automate Your Identity Verification Process

Secure your business and improve your customer experience by adopting a fully automated identity proofing and eKYC process.

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Verify customer identity fast and easy!

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1. Take a photo

Just follow the instructions on the screen. Start by taking a photo of your passport or ID-card.

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2. Scan the chip

Next, read the chip in your passport or ID-card using your phone’s NFC reader.

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3. Liveness check

Finally, complete the liveness check to finish the verification process.

Maximize the power of AI to automate eKYC and identity proofing online.

Use cases


1. Online onboarding

Create an excellent customer experience with secure online onboarding or check-in.


2. Age verification

Verify customer age before giving access to age-restricted content or services.


3. Secure transactions

Create passwordless login or authenticate customers before performing high-risk transactions.

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