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Of traffic is coming from

mobile devices on websites.

Propably your business traffic is looking the same. According to studies mobile payment traffic converts into paying customers only around 40%.



There are cashless

cardless millennials

Big part of the users don't have access to credit card (typically 30% cardless) or suitable payment method. Especially the younger generation, millennials don't hold or have any cash with them.


And the potential first

time service users

When you have a momentum with your potential client, there are distractions every 8 seconds.


How long does it take to give your credit card information when you are making the payment?

Get happy paying customers with a single click

Increase Sales

Reach a new customer segment of people who are bankless or cashless.

New Customer Engagements

Connect with your customers even after they have paid.

Improve User Experience

Allow your customer to pay fast and easily with mobile payments.

You are able to integrate it everywhere

Online Service

Integrated payment with one single API or a ready made plugin in your webstore.


Add additional payment method in-app or build an additional landing page where they can be excecuted.


Swipe, click and pay in your physical store.

Why Siru Mobile?

Quick Risk Free Payments

Siru Mobile risk management protects you from fraudsters and other bad people.

Onboarding Support

Siru Mobile is with you all the way during onboarding to make sure you have a seamless experience.


Siru Mobile adapts to your specific country's rules, regulations and languages.

Advanced Security (2FA)

Siru Mobile provides the highest security when it comes to payments including Two Factor Authentication for the end users.


Siru Mobile easily handles refunds on your behalf to your customers.

Unique Sales Flows

Siru Mobile has an unique sales flow including an efficient and responsive payment flow.

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